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Improv Corporate Training & Events

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Wanted to really thank you for such an amazing experience. I couldn't believe how involved the entire team was, and some of them spoke more in that session than in the two days of conferences to be honest - so awesome work on your end! I highly recommend getting more teams to go through this exercise of team building.

Ron L., Jira Business Team Lead, Atlassian

Join expert improviser and award-winning facilitator, Kaci Beeler, for an IMPROV FOR JOY session.


Improv training helps people of all kinds to have fun and loosen up, learn to let go, positively collaborate, and react to each other in a supportive fashion.


Improv helps individuals and teams embrace uncertainty, and to lean into changing circumstances rather than trying to avoid them. This is why improv is a critical skill for presentations, brainstorming sessions, and group problem-solving. And setting all that stuff aside, an improv workshop or show is a great chance for a team to enjoy each other’s company for a bit, and to have permission to let their guards down around each other in a safe, guided environment. 

Some of our past clients: 

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Hey, I'm Kaci.

Through Improv for Joy, I help teams of all shapes, sizes, and goals come together to connect and find joy in each other and their work.

I myself have been practicing the tenants of improv for over two decades, traveled to 70+ cities to perform and teach, and seen firsthand how improv fosters collaboration and growth - skills I've used everywhere from my work as the voice of a national pizza chain to creating award-winning live theatre and designing bespoke events for Fortune 500 companies. 

I do a lot, but I don't do anything alone. 


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